Le livre d'Almir Surui et Corine Sombrun est sorti au Salon du livre à Paris le 22 mars 2015 . Cliquez ci-dessous pour en savoir plus ou commander le livre.


Everyone can act

The protection of the Amazon rainforest is vital to our survival.

The Amazon is the largest reserve of fresh water for humanity and its destruction will cause climate change and loss of biodiversity which will affect the entire planet.

The Association Aquaverde was created in 2002 to support the action of Amazonian indigenous peoples in their efforts to protect primary rainforest still standing.

We are working now with two indigenous peoples, the Surui in the state of Rondônia and the Munduruku in the state of Para in Brazil.

You can support us individually by sponsoring the plantation of one or more trees or making donations to the association.

Aquaverde also develops partnerships with companies who wish to invest in environmental action.

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